A sorrowful mother found relief unexpectedly from a radio station

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Children are the source of comfort for the parents. They cannot bear their loss as it is said to be the worst suffering for them. This loss has a deep effect on the mind and soul of the beloved parents. When the parents are deprived of such a precious blessing , they are naturally sorrowful, lost and broken. Nothing can bring changes to their prolonged miserable life. They usually lost their interest in life and bound to bear this grief throughout their life. We have such a painful story to share with you.

Michelle is the mourning mother who had lost her son last December. Her son Blaine, 19 years old young boy , lost his life in a tragic accident. He was died at the moment after he fell of the back of a tractor. This tragedy had torn the mother’s heart into pieces, she could not collect her together.Her daily routine was disturbed very badly , she couldn’t concentrate on home and work.

Her other children , Crystal , Jessica and Tom , had decided to ease their mother and helped her to come out of this misery. They told their sad story to Kyle and Jackie O Show .This show proved to be a ray of hope for this deserving family. We wish them best wishes and our sympathies are with them. We hope this little effort will bring some change and soothe them also.


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