Buried alive on Generations

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The time has arrived for ex- convict Thabiso (Matli Mohapeloa) to roll out his revenge plan against his former lawyer Fana (Dumi Mnqobi) after he was left to serve his rape sentence in prison years earlier. Thabiso took Fana’s girlfriend Nolwazi (Thando Thabethe) hostage on Tuesday 21 March and “the tormenting has just begun.

Thabiso won’t stop until Fana feels as low as Thabiso did while he was in prison,” explains Matli. Ever aware that he could be discovered at any moment, on Monday 3 April Thabiso plots to move his hostage underground where no one will think to look for her. “Nolwazi is terrified and thinks that she is about to die,” says Matli. But that’s the last thing on Thabiso’s mind – he needs her alive to ruin Fana’s life.


Nolwazi goes on a hunger strike that same day to force her captor’s hand, says Thando. “She wants this torture to end. She threatens to starve herself if he won’t kill her.” This merely annoys Thabiso, who then locks Nolwazi in a box on Tuesday 4 April. “She is buried alive and she knows that it’s about to get worse.

All that’s left is to hope that someone saves her before it’s too late,” explains Thando. Thabiso’s a master of pain and he tortures her mentally on Thursday 6 April when he cuts off her air supply long enough to make her panic. Thando adds that “this is when Nolwazi realises that she is living on borrowed time – it could be just hours before she runs out of air”.


Fana is panicking as much as his missing girlfriend and by Friday 7 April he’s out of ideas on where to look next for Nolwazi. “Thabiso meanwhile slides a camera into the box holding Nolwazi; he wants to watch her suffer,” explains Matli.

Fana’s computer expert sister Namhla (Thulisile Phongolo) finds the camera signal online on Monday 10 April and she hacks in – she and Fana can see Nolwazi’s face and Matli adds that “Fana is tortured to see his love in pain. He’ll do anything to find her”. Namhla starts tracing the camera but as Matli teases, “A lot of bad things could happen before Fana shows up…”

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