Child Molester Found Sitting In Claw Machine Hoping To “Get Picked By A Child Who Will Love Him”

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News 8 – A convicted child molester is now under arrest after a strange incident at a Mobile, Alabama Chuck E. Cheese restaurant. Police say that 28-year-old Ralph Clemens violated his house arrest by leaving his residence and walking to the Chuck E. Cheese just two blocks away from his home. According to eyewitnesses, Clemens entered the restaurant where he ordered a large pepperoni pizza and $20 in game tokens. He was seen handing out tokens to several children.

Within minutes of his arrival, witnesses say he entered an unsecured claw machine where the children he gave money to lined up to play a game of “Catch Ralphie and bring him home.” That’s when police arrived in response to his house arrest ankle bracelet leaving the permitted vicinity. Clemens was removed from the machine and immediately taken into custody.




Authorities questioned the children Clemens came in contact with to make sure none of them were violated by the convicted child molester. Thankfully, none of the children were harmed. However, all the children told the same story, “He said his name was Ralphie and he wanted to play a game,” said a seven-year-old girl who received money from Clemens. “He said the first child to lift the wig off of his head with the claw gets to come home with him. He said he has a house full of stuffed animals and ice cream! Oh and a pony with rainbow hair too!”

Authorities say the Clemens is headed back to prison to serve the remainder of his probation which is approximately 5 years. They hope this will be a lesson to children not to take money from strangers. “This could’ve turned out really bad,” said Sgt. William Heights. “Of course the kids were going to go with him. Who doesn’t like a house full of stuffed animals and ice cream and rainbow ponies. I just hope these kids learned a valuable lesson from all this.”


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