Cops Rescue 526 Baby Puppies From A Monster. 1 Year Later? I Can’t Stop SMILING!

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It’s so important to know where your pets came from. Puppy mills are a terrible practice, but unfortunately, it’s often hard to determine whether that store-bought furball is the result of shady breeders. If you’re looking for a new addition to your family, the best bet is to seek out a reputable animal rescue or go to a pet adoption day like the one featured in this video. If you are looking for a pure-breed dog, make sure you know your breeder well and maybe even pay them a visit.

This particular puppy mill had over 500 animals on site. Amazingly, thanks to a major effort by all involved, every last one of the animals was rescued and subsequently adopted. Support your local animal rescue and hopefully we can have a lot more happy endings like this one.

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