Cops: Teen’s Photos Show Dog Pleasuring Her “Approximately 30 Times”

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Police in Florida found on Ashley Miller’s phone a folder called “2-face fun.”

According to the police report, the folder contained pictures of a “canine performing oral sex on an unknown white female.” 2-face is the name of her dog.


Miller admitted to the police that she had allowed her dog to lick her on 30-40 occasions.

And furthermore, before she adopted her female pit bull 2-face in 2006, she had owned another dog named Scarface, who serviced her in the same way.


Miller was arrested and charged.

Her bail was set at $1,000 and she was charged with two misdemeanor counts. She is scheduled to stand before court on July 14. Police originally began investigating her in the first place because they got wind of harmful photos being spread to minors.




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