Father And Son May Have Caught On Camera The Most Detailed Video Of A UFO Ever!

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Do you believe in aliens?

Regardless of your answer to that question, it is a proven fact that humanity still has much to learn about the universe, and our own home of earth. It’s also a fact that there’s some things our countries will keep from their people, so that is another important thing to keep in mind.


This incredible image, for example, thus far has zero explanation. Video and picture evidence of the craft captured by a father and son duo have taken off on the web, and with it came many different theories as to what exactly the thing is.



What makes it, believably, an alien type of ship are a few different things that many people have pointed out. The design would serve no proper function as a regular human aircraft; there’s no visible propulsion system that we can see; there’s lights coming from what look to be windows on the craft; there’s even two lights that blink away from the wings of the craft.

Now I’m not saying this is in fact an alien craft, but I can very well concede that I have no idea what it is, and aliens are a possibility I’m not ruling out! What about you?

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