Girl Finds Out Her Friend Is Talking To Another Classmate And Slams Her Face Into A Pole. Then She Says, ‘Don’t Tell Anybody’

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A 9-year-old girl has been left with absolutely horrific injuries all over her face after she was brutally beaten by another classmate at school.

According to, Kelly Turpin claims her daughter, Lanny, suffered a concussion, two black eyes, and cuts and bruises to her face during the disturbing act of violence at L.E. Willson Elementary School.

Turpin was reportedly asked to come down to the school on Friday morning after Lanny was found covered in blood.

Although school officials attempted to tell Turpin that Lanny was “accidentally” injured, the intuitive mom just knew that wasn’t true.

“My child started talking right then and said, ‘No, Momma, I told them she grabbed me and pulled me and jumped on top of me,’” Turpin told WHNT.

When asked what really happened, Lanny reportedly told her mother that she was walking to class when another girl at school jumped on top of her.

Lanny then smacked her face into a metal pole before falling down onto the concrete, according to

Shockingly enough, Turpin later discovered that the girl had attacked her daughter because she found out that Lanny was starting to become friends with another classmate.

Turpin explained to that the girl told Lanny after she was severely injured, “I’m so sorry. Don’t tell anybody I did it.”

After seeing Lanny’s face, Turpin was forced to take her daughter to the hospital, where she had to get a CT scan.

Fortunately, Turpin says Lanny will be OK, but she is telling her daughter’s story in hopes that the girl who hurt her will take responsibility for her actions.

On Facebook, Turpin posted several photos of the painful scrapes and bruises all over Lanny’s face.

“Please pray for my baby lanny who was bullied by a little girl at school today and pushed into the concrete steps! Pray for me to calm down bc this mama is livid! We hAve a concussion and very swelled and no skin on the nose the eye is horrible we went to doc if still can’t see out of her eye in the morning we have to go bk and have xrays of the face! All bc my child was being nice to a mentally challenged child and the other girl didn’t like it! This is assault not just bullying!! Pray for her plz,” she wrote.

Turpin and her husband are now speaking with an attorney, since they say the school has done absolutely nothing to hold the other girl accountable for what happened.

“Nothing has changed when we’ve gone to the school about the bullying,” Turpin told “I just want them safe at school.”

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