Have You Remembered This Toy Car? Look At The New Version Of Your Childhood Toy Car

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Child hood is the most cheerful period of our life. Our small clothes, amazing toys and everything related to it remain in our mind forever. There are sweet memories with these things. The toys are lovely things that are dear to every child.

Have a look on this childhood toy car? This toy car reminds you the golden days of your life. It brings smile on your face.

It is not exactly the toy car but it does resemble it in all means. A talented mechanic has built this wonderful car. He constructed the adult version of your childhood toy car. It runs on petrol with a fast speed.

This car has been a source of amusement for everyone as it brings delight on the faces. Besides this, it is the source of charity for the needy children. The owner of this car Bitmead takes the car to the charity events where he earns good amount for the poor people. On every visit, he gets a lot of appreciation for such a nice invention. You would love this car too!

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