Here’s The Shocking Moment A Woman Was Punched In The Face During A Game Show

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This appears to be one of those contests where the last person touching the car, wins. Which is fine and dandy and all, though, how they made it into a game show is beyond me. Anyway, this lovely woman in a bikini (why is she wearing a bikini?) begins taunting a man with her shoe and at one point, hits him in the face with it.

That’s when all hell breaks loose.

The man brutally throws her down on the ground and bops her square in the nose. It’s pretty damn vicious and it’s clear right away the woman is injured. And yet, despite an assault happening on live TV, nobody does anything. No seriously, she got punched in the face at :28—-a full sixteen seconds later someone finally comes over to see how she’s doing.

I realize this clip is from Russia (or so I’m told) and I know Russia is home to some really weird dashcam moments and stuff. But nope, nope and nope. Wrong and ridiculous.

And if you haven’t seen this…


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