Kid Almost Loses His Penis Because Of His Swimming Shorts. Unbelievable!

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Accidents don’t happen with a pre-warning. Sometimes even the safest looking things turn out dangerous for us in some manner. This happens just because we start taking things for granted and don’t care about the general safety measures which must be followed in any condition.

Jack Collins, crying in pain!


He went to pool with his mother, as he always used to go. But, this day brought something different and painful to them. Jack Collins’s penis got strangled in the net of his swimming shorts.

Scariest moment!


His mother says that she has never ever heard such a loud voice in her life as she did when her son shouted in pain. She then saw his condition and she could see two bubbles around it!

Doctors saw it as an emergency!


They immediately tried to free his strangled penis and then advised him to take a rest and some medication. He does not have any problem in urinating now.

Life is beautiful again!


Jack keeps talking about that horrible day and is very happy to come out of it.

Be alert, you have been warned!


TESCO has taken the blame on them and has promised to improve the quality of their product while studying this case closely. Share and care for others.


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