Kids Getting High On Cat Urine – Causing Hallucinations And Euphoria

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“Cheesing” –  the newest trend of 2016, may be the strangest and most dangerous way to get high yet. It’s causing hallucinations and euphoria, but it’s also sending people to the hospital causing blindness and respiratory failure. So, what is this new drug of choice for children and young adults? Getting high on CAT URINE.

I know it sounds awful, and that it is. Children as young as 6 years of age are allowing their felines to urinate, or “spray” directly into their faces. It causes a euphoric state where the user hallucinates. Such hallucinations include, but are not limited to, the feeling of flying through space, sexual encounters, dragons, giant kittens and astral projection to other planets.

20% of students between the ages of 6 – 12 say they have tried it at least once. Other slang terms for “Cheesing” are ‘The Cheese Game,’ ‘Vitamin Cheese,’ and ‘Mary Jane Piss In Yo Face Fun Time.’ Parents should know if their child is “Cheesing” by looking for the following sign:

  •  Your child seems distant, preoccupied
  •  Your child’s face smells like cat urine
  •  When you see tigers at the zoo, your child starts grinding his or her teeth

Other slang terms used by people who partake in “Cheesing” are:

  •  “Dude, I’m Cheesing my f*cking brains out right now”
  •  “He’s Cheesing his f*cking balls off, dude”

So far, in 2016, there has been 8 cases of permanent blindness, 4 incidents of cardiac arrest, and 13 deaths. Please be sure to share this vital information with your friends and family to help put a stop to this disturbing trend.


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