Look At This Creepy Creature Of Deep Sea. It’s Scaring!

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As we know that the deep sea is home to variety of creepy creatures. Although these days everyone is obsessed with aliens, some of the strangest and most terrifying creatures in the universe lie beneath the surface of the waves on our very own planet.

We are introducing you with this huge, fear inspiring creature under the deep water of sea. It is a sea monster called ‘’Deepstaria Enigmatica’’. It is a jellyfish. The bell of this jellyfish is very thin and wide (up to approx. 60 cm), and resembles a translucent, undulating sheet or lava lamp as the animal moves. They are usually found in Antarctic and near-Antarctic seas but have been spotted in waters near the United Kingdom, at depths of 829 to 1830 meters.

This strange creature had surprised us while we were at the beach of Malta. It was really an adventure for the divers to experience in their life. It had chilled their minds and made them scared. Well! It was a thrilling part of our trip over there. Watch out this huge, terrific jellyfish in this video.

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