Madness: These berries kill cancer. And after only a minute!

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Could the cure for cancer be as simple as a berry? While millions upon millions are being spent in laboratories trying to come up with something that can kill cancer, it looks like Scientists stepped out of the labs and into nature, discovering a very effective anti-cancer agent that has been extremely promising in the initial tests.

It’s a berry called “Fontainea picrosperma.” It is only grown in North Australia where researchers took note of it as the local faunas had a fondness for it. They decided to take a closer look at this fruit.


They call it EBC-46. The seeds of a plant, known as the Blushwood tree, were developed into a drug at the QIMR Berghofer medical research institute.


The results for treating cancer were simply astonishing when the researchers were studying the effects of this drug.


They took a dog who had a tumor on it’s nose and within 15 days of treatment with the drug, the tumor was practically gone! The drug not only works, but works quickly. They have found that even 5 minutes after injection cancerous cells are being killed off. Normal treatments of tumors with other drugs show improvements, if any, after several weeks. This drug is proving to surpass previous treatments by a landslide.


What about human testing? Martina Toso was treated with EBC-46 for melanoma. At the end of the testing, she emerged cancer free.


While these results are miraculous, they are limited for early stage treatment only as metastatic cancers are too deeply spread for topical treatments. Also, the Blushwood tree is extremely rare and very difficult to cultivate. Nevertheless teams are working on the refinement for production, hoping for eventual large-scale distribution.


It’s incredible to think that an actual working remedy for cancer may indeed have been found. There is a vast diversity when it comes to cancers, so it’s impossible to have a single panacea, but nevertheless this will provide enormous hope for so many who suffer from the deadly grasps of this cruel illness.

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