Man Who Had Sex With Dog In Front Yard Explains Why He Did It

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It was nearly 2 years ago when a Florida man decided to have sex with his dog in broad daylight, in his front yard. Neighbors recall that Bernard Marsonek walked his dog Buddy outside, dropped his trousers, and began “going at it” with the poor helpless animal. Neighbors were screaming, horrified, begging Marsonek to stop. But he ignored their calls and continued his perverted session with Buddy.

An article, that went viral across social media in 2014, had people wondering, “why.” Why would a man go to these lengths with his dog, and why would he do it in the front yard for everybody to see. Marsonek has finally come forward to answer those questions. In a statement released to the press, this is what Marsonek had to say: “People think I’m a creep, but I’m not,” said Marsonek. “I’m just a regular guy, living a regular life, that likes the company of animals. I don’t see why it’s against the stupid law. What they have to offer is more appealing to me than most broads and they don’t talk back. They listen to everything I say to them and I don’t have to use a rubber. They can even go fetch me a beer when I tell ’em to, and my slippers. When was the last time your broad let you ‘slip on through the back door?’ Or ran to get you your slippers when you told her to? Probably never! And it’s not like I did the same pup over and over again, I had 8 dogs so I rotated. People need to stop judging me and let me live my life!”


Marsonek served 8 months in the county jail on charges of aggravated animal cruelty, being a felon in possession of a firearm and sexual activity involving animals. Marsonek was just released last week. And, according to him, he is “single and looking if anyone is interested.” Currently, the conditions of his probation do not allow him to be within 500 yards of any animal.

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