‘Minecraft Dogs’—Taiwanese Pet Owners Shave Pooches Into Cubes

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An image (above) has been doing the rounds after appearing on Reddit of a dog shaved into ridiculous cubed formations. Everybody is saying it’s from a recent Japanese dog show in Tokyo where shaving dogs’ hair into cubed shapes has become a trend.

However it turns out the photo, as amazing as it is, doesn’t feature a real dog, instead it’s just a sculpture done for decorative and demonstrative purposes. Here’s a sequence of photos showing its transformation from a ball of fluff into the fake dog.

But don’t fret, because a Reddit user has pointed out that while the dog in Japan isn’t real, the whole grooming dogs into geometric curiosities is a an actual thing in Taiwan. Praise be! (or not, depending on how perverse your views are)

Take a look at some pics of these abstract-looking mutts below (the expression in their eyes kills me. It’s says soooo much) who’ve been given the latest thing in doggy-grooming, an ultra-stylish Minecraft hairdo.

After all, it’s hip to be square.










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