Most People Have NEVER Seen A Cat Like This, It Has Massive Paws That Act Like Snowshoes

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#1 Where Do These Things Live?

The Canadian lynx’ snowy habitat ranges across Canada, Alaska, and some northern parts of the United States.

#2 Look At The Size Of Those Things!

Their massive paws are built for maximum efficiency in deep snow and help provide traction during fast sprints or steep climbs.

#3 “They Were This Big!”

This little guy is most-likely describing the size of his father’s paws judging by is actions here. The paws only get bigger as the animal ages.

#4 Thankfully Not Endangered, Despite Being Hunted

While the Canadian lynx has seen a decline do to being trapped for their fur and habitat loss, the population is not endangered.

#5 Solitary Beasts

The cats live secretive lives and mostly do most of their living and hunting at night, by themselves.

#6 Look At All That Fur

These animals are snow machines. They have great speed and agility and are able to stay warm during the coldest of winters.


#7 Hey There Kitty!

They’re so cute you just want to bring one home for yourself right? Just imagine the size the cat toys would need to be…

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