Photos of ‘Dragon’ Shot Dead In A House In West Malaysia Go VIRAL

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A dragon with white fur and two horns was found in a house in Malaysia. A neighbor of that house captured some pictures and sent to us. He witnessed the whole scene and explained this strange happening.

He told that the orchard owner was sleeping in the 2nd floor of that house. He was awakened by some strange noise. He thought that rabbits were attacked. He instantly climbed down the stairs to know the situation. He was surprised to see this odd creature who was eating the rabbit. He took out his rifle and shoot this horrible creature eight times.


It was dead and he saved his life. After investigation he came to know that this was a dragon. According to chinese belief dragon is not a good sign. It brings poverty to the house and bad luck too. He didn’t sell any part of it. He saved that creature to show it to the public.


You would be surprised too by watching these photos. It’s unbelievable!!

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