Police Arrest Couple Planning To “Eat Humans” In Zombie-Like Attack During Christmas Full Moon

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Over the weekend, police received a bizarre tip from an anonymous caller who said he knew of someone that kidnapped two young girls and killed them by eating them alive and was storing their remains in their basement. Police responded by issuing a search warrant to the Chicago home of 35-year-old Robert Steinbach and 33-year-old Robyn Lacey.

Upon entering the home, police say the couple tried to attack officers with the knives but were tased and subdued. One officer suffered lacerations to the wrist, but there were no other serious injuries to officers. “If I could describe their home in one word it would be ‘macabre’, I’ve never seen anything like it,” said Detective Lewis Wilson. “We found most of the teenagers remains in the basement. However, what Steinbach and Lacey did to the young girls after they killed them was absolutely horrifying.”


According to the report, the couple was obsessed with the zombie movies, particularly The Walking Dead. They made lampshades with the deceased skin. A lampshade made from one victims stomach skin, still adorned with the young girls belly ring. Another display showed the young girls eyeballs with string woven through it, hanging on the Christmas tree. Other ornaments on the tree included fingers, ears and toes. Police found diaries in the home that confirmed the couple was plotting a “Zombie-like attack to eat humans on Christmas day during the rare full moon.” Where and how the attack was planned, has not been released to authorities.

Steinbach and Lacey were arrested and booked into the county jail with no bond. Drug screening administered to the couple tested positive for bath salts and heroine. Names of the young girls have not yet been released, pending the notification of their family members. Authorities did, however, confirm that the two young girls had been listed as runaways back in August.

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