Scientists Will Buy Your DNA For $10,000 To Grow Penises On The Back Of Lab Rats

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A revolutionary procedure involving stem cells has allowed British researchers to grow artificial penises in their lab which they can then reattach to the patient’s body during sex reassignment surgery, and they need your help. Researchers at the University College London have developed a technique they say is similar to baking a cake – only their oven is a little more sophisticated. They are opening up a research clinic in Knoxville, Tennessee, and are looking for DNA/Stem Cell donors who want to earn $10,000 for their contribution to this revolutionary new procedure

They’ve already developed smaller organs, such as ears, noses, tear ducts and blood vessels, although they hope to be the first scientists to transplant a penis made partly of stem cells. Last year, team leaders Alexander Seifalian and his colleagues attached a lab grown nose onto the arm of a British man who had lost his own nose to cancer. The skin has engulfed the nose, excepting it; all that remains is the approval to transplant it.




The body parts are made of polymer material that includes a scaffolding mold and stem cell sample taken from patients fat. To get the desired spongy texture for the man’s penis, the team added a mixture of salt and sugar to the mold. Patients can choose how large they would like their penis, many requests being between 8 to 10 inches long with an average 16 to 18 cm circumference. They expect the first lab rat grown penis to be ready for transplant in January, 2016.

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