Students Wave To Grandma Every Day, But Watch What They Do When Her Window Is Empty…

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For the last 5 years, Louise Edlen has waved to the students riding on bus 7 in Arlington, Washington every day. The 93-year-old is known to the kids and bus driver Carol Mitzelfeldt, as the “grandma in the window”.

So when they noticed the window was empty one morning this past September, the students on the bus were concerned and wanted to make sure “grandma” was okay.


“It was kind of heartbreaking because she was always there,” 7th grader Axtin Bandewerfhorst told KING5 News. “Carol [the bus driver] was telling us that a lot of times she doesn’t remember her daughter’s name, but she always remembers to wave to the kids on the bus.”

They discovered that Louise, who has 30 grandchildren and 23 great-grandchildren, had spent three weeks at a rehabilitation center after suffering a stroke.

Learning their favorite “grandma” was sick, the kids wanted to do something to lift her spirits.

They sent her a bouquet of flowers and special photograph of them all waving to her from the school bus!


Louise was so touched that the next day as the students drove by her home there was a sign in the window, the big sign read, “Thank You.”

“That made me really smile,” said 10th grader Cheyanne Holt. “It shows how much we mean to her.”

Louise’s husband of 53 years, Dave, says, waving to the kids gives her something to look forward every day.

Although Louise has difficulty speaking, she said, “I miss them, too. I’m trying to get better.”

And upon learning that Louise was ready to come home, the kids made sure she got a new message. They held up letters in the bus windows reading “Welcome Home”.


What a sweet story! Watch the video below to here Louise thank the kids on camera. And please share if you were as touched by this story as I was!

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