These Maine Coon Cats Look Like Majestic Mythical Beasts

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The Maine Coon, named after its native state of Maine, is one of the oldest natural breeds in North America. They are extremely intelligent and are exquisite hunters— but even more importantly, they are downright gorgeous. Anyone who’s ever taken a picture of a cat can tell you how difficult it can be to get a good shot— but this man, Robert Sijka, seems to have the process down pat.

Robert came across animal photography somewhat unexpectedly. He and his family had moved to China and found themselves missing their domestic pets. To satisfy the longings, the family adopted a dog and then rescued a street cat. Later on, they learned about Maine Coons and had one brought over from Europe.

As soon as the first Maine Coon arrived, Robert and his family were smitten. Their one Maine Coon kitty soon grew into more, and eventually, the family moved into breeding. It was during this time that Robert realized he would have to take pictures of his kittens, and from there, a passion was born.

“I found great pleasure in taking pictures,” Robert told Cat Behaviourist. “Playing with cats and taking their pictures gave me a lot of joy.”

“I decided that my pictures shouldn’t look like all other beautiful cat pictures, they must be something special.”

“I started experimenting with light, backgrounds, and retouching. After several thousand photos I ended up with my current style.”

Robert’s testing and experimentation were definitely worth the wait. Get a load of these 20 pictures that prove Main Coons are inarguably one of the most majestic breeds of cats.

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