These Young Women Were Forced To Iron Out Their Breasts And The Reason Is Shocking!

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“No woman can call herself free who does not control her own body”- Margaret Sanger. What will be the worst punishment for a girl if someone ask to iron out her breast? Well, this seems unreal but this is happening. Looks like these young African women aren’t free yet! The reason behind this doing is shocking!

1. Around 3.8 million girls are being dominated to breast ‘flattening’ techniques to prevent them from rape and sexual assault.


Some of the richer families use a tight band to suppress girl’s budding breasts.

2. Hot Stones


Big hot stones are often pressed against a young girl’s chest to manage breast tissue and prevent its growth


3. This stone is used for breast flattening!

06 Jan 2014, Douala, Cameroon --- A stone used for breast ironing is seen on a fire at survivor of breast ironing Julie Ndjessa's home in Douala, Cameroon, November 4, 2013. The stone is mainly used as a mortar for preparing food. New government research shows that 'breast ironing,' where the breasts of young girls are flattened using a hot stone, has seen a 50 percent decline since it was first accidentally uncovered during a 2005 survey by the German Technical Cooperation Agency (GTZ) on rape and incest in Cameroon. Picture taken November 4, 2013. REUTERS/Joe Penney (CAMEROON - Tags: SOCIETY HEALTH) --- Image by © JOE PENNEY/Reuters/Corbis

4. Mother is ironing her daughter’s breast. Shocking!


Mothers used to conduct this barbaric ritual on their daughters, but I guess they are unknown to this fact that this might lead their daughters to face some serious health issues like cancer, infection, milk discharge.


5. She is the one who been through this horrifying ritual.


Meet Jeanna Bella, a 27-year-old woman been through this procedure when she was 10-year-old. However, this ritual is often unknown by the father and kept a secret among the women.

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