This Was The Heroic Deed To Help The Disabled Man Like This! Hats Off To Him

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This is a story about care and love for the old age persons. Old people usually become disabled and very much weak. They need to be looked after keenly. They become so fragile to move on their own. We are sharing a touching story that will melt your heart too.



This story is told by a lady who had visited McDonald to eat something. She witnessed the scene when a guy who was working there ran towards the old and disabled man on wheel chair. The man was too old to speak or eat properly. The employee was a kind guy who took the man towards a table. He brought him food and cut into pieces so that he could eat it easily. He behaved very nicely and cared the man. He did something heroic. The lady was greatly surprised at such behavior of the employee who had strict duties over there. She posted this story on face book and it went viral.

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