Wait Until You See What Happens When You Pour Bromine Onto An iPhone 6S

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If you’ve been keeping up on cell phone destruction videos, you know that the iPhone 6S can withstand some tough stuff. It even survived being shaken around in a paint shaker for 90 seconds—and it still functioned. But how could an iPhone 6S survive liquid bromine? After all, the caustic chemical is corrosive and toxic. The iPhone 6S may have just met its match. Don’t try this at home!


Working iPhone 6S

YouTube channel TechRax, which specializes in destroying smartphones, is using a brand new iPhone 6S Rose Gold for today’s experiment. It works and is in mint condition.


Reacting To Aluminum

TechRax will be using liquid bromine for the experiment. The caustic chemical has a violent reaction when it comes into contact with aluminum. The iPhone 6S case has anodized aluminum, which should react violently. He’s also using a bit of aluminum foil to make things even worse.


Starting With Foil

TechRax takes this outside since bromine fumes are toxic. He places a bit of the aluminum foil in a clear pan and pours a small amount of bromine over the top.


Adding The iPhone 6S

Then, he quickly places the brand new iPhone 6S in the clear pan right on top of the aluminum foil and liquid bromine. The bromine is already creating thick orange fumes.


More Bromine

He then pours more of the bromine over the iPhone. The more bromine he uses, the bigger the reaction will be. To be safe, he gets far away from the setup after pouring the liquid.


Toxic Fumes

After that last splash of bromine, the concoction starts to smoke profusely. You can see the fumes pouring out from the aluminum foil beneath the smartphone.



After another splash of bromine, the mixture starts lighting up. As the chemical reacts with the aluminum in both the foil and the phone’s case, sparks begin to fly.



The sparks hit a crescendo and flames start licking out from beneath the iPhone 6S. At this point, the fumes are so thick that they’re leaving behind a trail of orange smoke.


Final Damage

After the bromine was done corroding the iPhone, TechRax took the iPhone inside and washed it off. The front looks surprisingly good. Aside from some brown and orange stains, the screen is intact.


Destroyed Case

The back of the iPhone 6S is a different story. The aluminum inside the case has completely corroded into a charred mess. While the other side may look good, the iPhone 6S is bricked. It won’t charge or turn on.

Don’t Ever Pour Bromine On An iPhone 6S

Want to see an iPhone 6S get destroyed in a spectacular way? Then check out the orange cloud of sparks that happens when bromine is poured over the smartphone.

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