Watch How This Adorable Dog Saved The Life Of A Baby!

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This dog has proved the famous statement that dog is ‘’man’s best friend’’. Duke has been living with a family for many years. He is a faithful and loving dog.

One day the parents of the baby girl were sleeping in their room. The baby was not feeling well. The parents didn’t know about this condition. When this dog noticed the change in the girl, he sensed something wrong with the baby. He ran towards the parents, barked near them in order to get them up. They came to know that baby was not breathing normally. The girl was taken to the hospital on time.

If this dog didn’t wake the family, there would be serious problem with the baby or she may lose her life. Duke had saved the life of this innocent soul. The family felt love and proud for having such a faithful and loving creature in their home. How lucky this family is to have this adorable dog with them!

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