WATCH: This Thing Isn’t Your Average Drone… Your Jaw Will Drop At 0:13!

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Drones are the new thing!

Sales are skyrocketing as more and more people are getting into flying drones and quadcopters. But drone flying isn’t reserved for just those with big bucks. Did you know you can actually save some major money, learn how to make, and fly, your own drone?

Forget about the thousand dollar price tags, for just a few hundred you can build an ultra fast quadcopter.That’s what this guy did and it’s absolutely insane. He’s a flyer and inventor and he has created a super cool copter, that indeed is ultra fast. So fast you will barely be able to keep your eye on it in this video.

I haven’t seen store bought copters this quick. Not by far. Keep in mind this guy is experienced in maneuvering these things as well. Very impressive! Check this out and start building your own super fast drone!


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