Watch This Video To Know Why Her Husband Was Missing For Such A Long Time?

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At the end of World War 2 millions of people became homeless, lost their families. Many women lost their husbands in this deadly war. We are sharing a heart touching story of an old lady whose husband was lost in the war.

Peggy waited for the arrival of her beloved husband for long 67 years. It was a crucial time for her to wait for such a long span of time. She didn’t lose hope for all these years and patiently waited for him. She never got any positive news about him.

After 67 years, her cousin investigated and found out the truth. She came to know about the heroic death of her husband in France, where he was buried then. His husband was playing his role as a fighter pilot and lost his life while defending the people of a town in France. She was proud of her husband’s bravery and relieved to know the truth. This was a heartwarming story of this poor lady who had to accept this cruel reality. Our sincere sympathies are with Peggy.

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