You Might Think Your Pet Is Being Silly When He Does This, But Take Him To The Vet Immediately

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When you own a pet, you get used to some strange behavior from them. They’re animals, after all. What makes sense to us is gibberish to them. What makes sense to them, scientists have spent plenty of time trying to figure out. Certain animal behaviors however, aren’t just universal and completely understandable, they can also be a sign of something serious. It’s known as head pressing, a very literal description. The animal will walk up to a wall, and lean their head into it. This is an attempt to alleviate a pain that they just can’t reach. One inside their heads.

Head pressing is something many animals do.


Since we don’t speak dog or cat, we might not realize how serious this behavior is.


There are many things which cause it, from cancer, to disease, to certain poisons.


All require immediate medical attention. If you see this from any animal, act fast and you could save their life.


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