Young Boy Asks Marine If He’s Santa

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Christmas is the great event that brings loads of joys and surprises for all. There are many preparations for this grand occasion in order to make the holidays enjoyable and memorable. People of all ages, even pets are too busy in their plans of celebrations. Obviously poor children are too not neglected. There are certain organizations that donate for the poor children.

‘’Toys for Tots’’ is a successful program run by the United States Marine Corps Reserve which attempts to distribute toys to the poor children who are deprived of the Christmas gifts. This organization has Marines who perform their duties well and try to please these dejected children on this cheerful event. They put smile on the faces of these children.

We are presenting a heartwarming scene where a boy is asking a Marine if he is the Santa. This poor child doesn’t even know the famous figure of Santa. He is curious and wants to see the Santa. The graceful personality of this Marine makes this boy feel the presence of Santa. How innocent this boy is! Watch the touching moments yourself!

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